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As professional maintenance services provider we able to attend to all your maintenance, from the ceilings to the floors to the leaking pipes and faulty electrical connections. All installations repairs and general maintenance are covered by our professional staff.

We strive to provide a total solution to your property needs, although we are aware that management and maintenance are different solutions, we are happy to announce that as a team of professionals we are a professional property management company and therefore able to provide you with property management services as well  as all your maintenance services . we understood how time consuming  and stressful it can be to own commercial or any property, we also understand that having the right team of professionals available to deal with the problems can keep your mind at ease.

Services we provide

  • Sewer drains cleaning

  • Waterline repair/ replacement

  • Re- piping

  • Bathrooms remodelling

  • Geyser replacements/ repairs

  • Painting

  • Tiling

  • Ceiling repairs / replacement


We also have a 24 – hour stand by team available for our clients.


Your one stop property shop !!

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