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Procor SA is a systems-driven company with the most technologically advanced programs specifically tailored and developed for the property industry. The biggest risk you will face as a landlord is none payment by a tenant. It is therefore critical to use a reputable agency or property management company to find the perfect tenant for your property .We do reference, credit and background checks, as well as provide a lease agreement that protects the owner’s interests.

Investing in a property is no different to investing in unit trusts or shares, it needs to be well thought out and managed carefully, by experts like us. It is also very important to ask a market related rental, based on expert advice. Otherwise you run the risk of your property sitting empty while you pay for the running costs as well as the bond payments. It is far better to find a tenant at a slightly lower rental amount, rather than have your property unoccupied.

If you’re a tenant renting a property managed by us, or a landlord using our management services, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. We’ll make sure it’s kept in excellent condition and handle any maintenance work that needs to be done.

Our service to you will include the following:


  • Sending out of monthly statements to tenants

  • Collecting of monthly rental

  • Inspections – inside of units annually or every 6 months, as per owners request.

  • We also handle any general maintenance required.

  • Handling of legal matters with regards to non-payment of rent

  • Paying creditors (municipality, maintenance, garden services etc)

  • Submit monthly rent-tolls and disbursements

  • Handle day to day complaints or queries

We pride ourselves in giving professional services to our clients, of which our services are based on strict financial controls, firm internal discipline, integrity and professionalism.

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