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We offer a comprehensive range of sectional title management and administration services to sectional title schemes. We are committed to provide a quality property management service to sectional title schemes and adding value to the assets and investments of our clients. Property Management Companies are quite invaluable for body corporate of a complex or an apartment block.  This is simply because the trustees of such a Body Corporate are busy with their own daily lives and managing the Body Corporate is most probably last on their to-do list.  It is for this very reason that if your Body Corporate doesn’t have a chairperson, willing to manage the Body Corporate full time at an extra charge that a property management company is a must.


Procor SA will manage the daily activities of the property, make sure that the required maintenance is done, that the books are kept in order and that your Body Corporate can smile to the bank at the next AGM meeting.


As such Procor SA can perform the following task for your Body Corporate:

Our service to you will include the following:


  • Sending out of monthly statements

  • Collecting of levies

  • Handling of legal matters with regards to non- payment of levies

  • Paying creditors (municipality, maintenance, garden services etc)

  • Submit monthly levy-rolls and disbursements

  • Notification of all meetings to owners and one AGM

  • Prepare books for auditing each financial year end

  • Handle day to day complaints or queries and liaise with trustees

  • Administrating the new legislation on body corporate complexes known as the (CSOS) Community Schemes Ombud Service Legislation, and all duties

  • Handle all administrative duties and authorizations according to the legislation, and sectional title rules.



.Operation of a bank account

.Maintenance and Repairs

We presently manage and administer in excess of 800 residential properties as well as the administration of more than 20 other Body Corporate Complexes, being in excess of 500 units.

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