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Since the beginning of marketing in the Goldfields, Procor S.A. is an innovative company that has been highly involved in residential properties as well as commercial and agricultural assets.

At Procor S.A we value our services and advice we give to all our clients, when it comes to selling their homes.

There are a lot of aspects that needs to be considered when buying or selling a home. Property Professionals would know the characteristic of each property, as they are actively involved in Real estate and in the area. Such as: Right time to buy or sell, Market related prices in the area, qualification for a home loan and much more. At Procor S.A. we assist our clients and guide them with the right answers covering all aspects of buying and selling.


At Procor S.A. we are real about real estate, we are specialists that are able to help sellers and buyers make informed decisions on their transactions. Selling and buying means marketing, matching of buyer and seller and a lot of legal aspects and transfer laws have to be taken into account to be able to have a successful sale. Understanding the property market and prices is crucial for negotiations. We deliver before and after sales assistance to all our clients.

Before sales services

Consist of networking, talking to friends and family, cold calling, show houses and corner exhibitions have been proven to progress into sales. We do all of that for our sellers as well as concentrating on excellent service and a lot of our business comes from referred clients to more families looking to buy or sell. We believe trust is the key to building the perfect relationship with our clients. And our clients and customers have faith in our ability to help our customers make one of life's biggest decisions. We take great care in advertising the properties, with proper photographs of all key features and correct property descriptions, on all the major property portholes as well as on social media networks.

After sales services

Consist of so much more as property transactions take at least 3-4 months to register and therefore after sale service are a fundamental to any property transaction, that we give to our buyers and sellers alike. We take care of all the aspects of getting the property registered.

Procor S.A. has the skill, experience, support structure, database and knowledge of the area that will guide any buyer or seller with confidence into one of their biggest decisions in life.

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